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Welcome. Below are instruction on how to use PUSH Pods™  hydroponic adaptors. Alternatively you may view our "How To" YouTube videos. 

Setting up the PUSH Pods™ hydroponic gardening kit by My Artsy Garden involves the following steps:

1.Choose a location:

Choose a location for your hydroponic can. If your hydroponic can is indoor, then place the hydroponic can under a light source such as a lamp, windowsill or a location with natural light trajectory. If your hydroponic can is outdoors, then place the hydroponic can in a bright sunny location with direct light or even indirect light trajectory.

2. Assemble the hydroponic system:

Determine which PUSH Pods™ attachment you are using. Use a can opener to cut off the lid of a standard soda can that is 12oz or greater. Place the net side of the PUSH Pods™ into the can opening and gently press the two together until you hear a slight snap. This sound further confirms a secure fit but is not mandatory to for a secure fit.

3. Prepare the growing media:

Place the cone shaped grow sponge into the PUSH Pods™ chamber.

4. Fill the reservoir:

Fill the can or bottle with water until it reaches the very top of the grow sponge. Follow the nutrient instructions included with your kit.  


5. Add your seeds:

Add the seeds to you grow sponge and cover the grow sponge with the done cover.

6. Grow lights:

Grow lights are not required but are helpful. Install or position the grow lights a few inches above the plant and adjust the height as the plant grow.

7. Monitor the system:

Monitor the water level in the reservoir and adjust as necessary. Approximately every 3 weeks gently lift the PUSH Pods™ check the water level. Refill to the top when necessary.

8. Harvest:

Harvest the plants when they reach maturity and repeat the process with new plants.

Note: Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations to ensure the success of your hydroponic gardening system.


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