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What is Kratky Hydroponics

You can grow plants with just water, seriously! Home hydroponics is the future.

Kratky home hydroponics is a passive hydroponic system that does not require electricity or a water pump to circulate the nutrient solution. This method of hydroponic gardening was developed by Dr. Bernard Kratky, a professor at the University of Hawaii, in the 1990s.

In a Kratky hydroponic system, plants are grown in containers filled with a growing medium. The container is then filled with a nutrient solution, which the plants absorb as they grow. The growing medium acts as a wick, drawing the nutrient solution up from the bottom of the container to the roots of the plants.

Unlike other hydroponic systems, the water level in a Kratky system does not change. As the plants absorb the nutrient solution, the water level decreases, and air is allowed to enter the container. This creates an oxygen-rich environment for the roots, which is essential for healthy growth.

Kratky home hydroponics is a simple and low-cost method of growing plants hydroponically, and it is particularly well-suited for growing leafy greens, herbs, and other plants.

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